hours after we have received your enquiry, the Customer Service Team will give you a follow up call to learn about your needs and your project and book the first appointment at your earliest convenience. The Contract Manager makes a pre-planning visit to meet you and establish your project needs. After receiving all the approved architectural drawings, structural calculations and job specifications, our Estimation Team will create the project price estimation. This usual takes between 3 to 11 working days, depending on project size.


When you are happy to move ahead, we will produce a Federation of Master Builders contract, accordingly to UK building regulations to cover all details agreed on the estimation, together with schedule of works, per stage completion dates, payment agreements, building works guarantees


We produce weekly reports that we deliver to you 1 to 2 days after the end of each working week (typically every Monday or Tuesday). Here you will find data regarding the current project stage including works achieved against plan, reminders of upcoming 3rd party visits or deliveries (building inspections, etc.), any alterations to the building forecast due to unforeseen events or weather conditions and all other information relevant to the successful management of your project.


Together with the contract, you will find the Payments Schedule.


Works are covered by the most comprehensive insurance available in the construction industry.