kitchen extension in Whitton

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Most people travel outside of the town for their work as very little land is in employment use. Kitchen extension in Whitton. Many people travel into Central London making use of the good transport connections, or work in nearby district centres such as Twickenham and Richmond or the bigger metropolitan centres such as Hounslow and Kingston upon Thames. London Heathrow Airport is important to the local economy both through direct employment and the cluster of international firms that have their European headquarters in the Thames Valley area. (Kitchen extension in Whitton)

kitchen extension in Whitton

kitchen extension in Whitton

The town centre is the third largest in the Richmond upon Thames. In 2014 has received a £2 million programme of economic regeneration including new street lighting, yorkstone pavements and a £5 million redevelopment of the railway station was completed in December 2016. Two new supermarkets have opened, along with a number of upmarket shops leading to some complaints about gentrification as artisan bakeries, coffee shops and wine bars have moved in.

Leisure activities (Kitchen extension in Whitton)
With a third of the borough being green and open space – five times more than any other borough in London, Whitton has much to offer in the way of leisure activities.

Parks and open spaces
The town has one long linear park along the River Crane and five smaller neighbourhood parks that have sport facilities and children’s playgrounds along with three cemeteries. Close to the town are the large Bushy Park and Richmond Park that are managed by The Royal Parks and serve as the larger district parks for the area.

  • Chase Green is located between Redway Drive and Godfrey Avenue, next to Chertsey Road (A316) and is a registered Village Green.
  • Crane Park, the largest park in the town, is on the London Loop walking route. It is managed as a number of wildlife habitats and is home to a number of protected species such as bats and kingfishers.
  • Borough Cemetery along Powder Mill Lane and operated by London Borough of Hounslow
  • Hounslow Heath Open Space is a fragment of the famous Hounslow Heath
  • Hounslow Cemetery along Hanworth Road and operated by London Borough of Hounslow
  • Heathfield Recreation Ground was opened in the 1930s and is laid out to accommodate sport pitches and a pavilion.
  • Murray Park was opened in 1914 and is set out as grassland and children’s playgrounds.
  • Twickenham Cemetery (Kitchen extension in Whitton)

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