lofts and extension in Whitton

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Whitton is a leafy suburban area in the northwest corner of London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England. The town has a railway station on the Windsor Line from London Waterloo and has good road links with the A316 running through the area that leads to the M3 motorway. The focus of the town is the High Street which is one of the best-preserved 1930s high streets in London. The most common type of housing in the area is Edwardian detached and semi-detached housing. At the western edge of London, many workers commute to adjacent counties, or to Central London; education, health and social work, retail, transport and catering businesses are also significant local employers. (lofts and extension in Whitton)

lofts and extension in Whitton

lofts and extension in Whitton

Formally part of the ancient parish of Twickenham until 1862 when it became a separate parish with the church of St Philip and St James opening that year. Due to rapid development the parish was divided again in the 1958 and the two electoral wards that make up the town still broadly follow these two parish boundaries.

Bronze Age (lofts and extension in Whitton)
In 1999, excavations on the former Feltham marshalling yard, located on the western boarder of Whitton, unearthed remains of an Iron Age furnace and post holes from a round house. There are various remains of former mills and other industrial archaeological features adjoining the River Crane and this part of the river is classified as an Archaeological Priority Area.

In Norman times Whitton was the western rural part of Twickenham which was in turn part of the Manor of Isleworth – itself part of the subdivision of the ancient county of Middlesex, England. The manor had belonged to Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia in the time of Edward the Confessor, but was granted to Walter de Saint-Valery (Waleric) by William I of England after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

Tudor (lofts and extension in Whitton)
Around 1540 gunpowder started to be produced along the river crane in what was to become known as the Hounslow Gunpowder Mills as it was sited on part of Hounslow Heath which at the time covered a large part of Twickenham. The site was chosen in part as it was away from built up areas, lessening the impact of accidental explosions.

By the 16th century the area that was to become Whitton started to see large houses being developed, as the fashionable society in Twickenham started to spread outward. The Elizabethan and Jacobean courtier Sir John Suckling built a house in the vicinity of the present Murray Park (his son the poet Sir John Suckling was born in Whitton in 1609). Sir John later replaced his first house with a grander residence on land adjoining today’s Warren Road.

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